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Nuveen Investment Manager Leads Kinara Capital To Get Rs 380 Crore

Accounts with several thousand followers and high engagement rates can showcase your product by mixing it with their unique content to set popular trends. Many business owners in Pakistan have to think about making their idea a sweeping success and fight with bigger players in the niche. If you are to invest in an influencer marketing campaign, you should be pleased to know that the stats will be in your favor. With the new funding, SadaPay says it expects to more than double its employee headcount to over 250 people by the end of the year and expand its offering with additional products for freelancers and small business owners. When done properly and optimized according to the nature of the brand, influencer marketing can earn high engagement rates for your digital profiles. Pakistans Sadapay Claims Raising $10 7mn As It Gears Up For Public We at Tjays Tech look forward to learning about your business and matching up the right solutions to your unique requirements. From Social Me